Our Doctors

Board Certified Veterinary Oncologists and Staff Veterinarians.

At Veterinary Cancer Group our patients receive the very best care, at the hands of the area's most qualified, experienced and compassionate veterinary oncologists. In addition to holding veterinary degrees, our oncologists have completed two to three years of additional specialized oncology training in an approved program. Our board-certified oncologists have passed comprehensive and rigorous exams, and regularly contribute to oncology publications. Veterinary Cancer Group is one of the few oncology groups in the country to offer a private practice American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Accredited Oncology Residency Program, which allows us to continue to attract highly motivated and qualified veterinarians. While meeting the stringent requirements of recognized veterinary associations, our oncologists also meet the high standards of our patients and families.

Mona Rosenberg, DVM
Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology)

Founder and Veterinary Cancer Group's Chief of Staff, Dr. Mona Rosenberg brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the practice. After receiving her DVM degree from the University of California at Davis, Dr. Rosenberg completed her internship and residency at the Animal Medical Center in New York. A diplomate of the ACVIM in Oncology since 1992, Dr. Rosenberg is also an active member of the Veterinary Cancer Society and the SCVMA and an associate faculty member at Western University. As the head of the oncology residency program at Veterinary Cancer Group, Dr. Rosenberg has played a hands-on role in preparing the next generation of brilliant, skilled and dedicated veterinary oncologists. She stays busy with overseeing all four Veterinary Cancer Group locations and sees appointments at our Los Angeles office. Dr. Rosenberg enjoys kayaking, skiing, traveling, and spending time with family.

Jarred Lyons, DVM
Diplomate ACVR (Radiation Oncology)

Dr. Lyons received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of California at Davis and completed a surgical and internal medicine internship in the Los Angeles area. After completing his residency in Radiation Oncology at North Carolina State University (in conjunction with Duke University and the University of North Carolina), Dr. Lyons joined the team at Veterinary Cancer Group in January of 2007. His special interests include medical oncology and palliative radiation therapy to improve the quality of life for end-stage cancer patients, as well as continuing to advance the field of veterinary oncology through publishing clinical studies.

During his time at Veterinary Cancer Group as the head of the radiation oncology department in Los Angeles, he has actively published clinical studies, including an investigation done in conjunction with Washington State University, that significantly advanced the survival for cats with a specific mouth tumor called squamous cell carcinoma.

Dr. Lyons is one of a handful of veterinarians to offer stereotactic radiosurgery for companion animals, a state of the art form of delivering high doses of radiation with minimal to no side effects. He is a member of the nationally recognized Veterinary Radiation Therapy Oncology Group, and has contributed to nationally syndicated news articles and blogs. He frequently lectures about cancer and radiation therapy around the Southern California area.

Dr. Lyons has worked hard to cultivate the collaborative efforts of Veterinary Cancer Group's radiation department, whose teamwork ensures our pet cancer patients receive the high quality medicine and care that they deserve. In his spare time, Dr. Lyons enjoys writing fiction, riding his motorcycle, and spending time with family. He is also the inventor of an easy-to-use muzzle. Dr. Lyons is also the author of "Survivor: The Dog Days of Cancer", a book about the journey of a dog going through cancer treatment and the family that loves him.

Sara Fiocchi, DVM
Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology)

Dr. Sara Fiocchi has been working in veterinary hospitals since 1998. She earned her DVM degree from the University of Illinois and completed an internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery at Texas A&M. The personal loss of two of her own pets to blood cell cancer (one to leukemia and the other to lymphoma) drove Dr. Fiocchi to specialize in oncology. She went on to complete her residency in July 2008 after which she was hired as a full-time staff doctor. In early 2011, Dr. Fiocchi authored an article accepted for publication, which includes results of one of the clinical trials offered by Veterinary Cancer Group. She passed the last of her required examinations in July 2011, after which she was awarded board certification in medical oncology with the ACVIM. 

Dr. Fiocchi's main interests include preventative medicine, nutrition / supplementation and improving the quality of life of her patients and their families. She can be found at many of the pet-related fundraisers in Orange County and Los Angeles, where she teaches pet owners about the importance of early detection of cancer. Dr. Fiocchi is a member of the Veterinary Cancer Society, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and has volunteered with the Humane Society's Remote Area Veterinary Services. Dr. Fiocchi was elected President of the Orange County Chapter of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association in 2014 and will continue her term throughout 2020.

Julie Bulman-Fleming, DVM
Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology)

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Dr. Julie Bulman-Fleming attended the University of British Columbia for her bachelor's degree in animal biology. Next it was on to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where she attended the Western College of Veterinary Medicine and developed her interest in oncology. After graduating in 2007 with her DVM degree with great distinction, she moved east across Canada and did a rotating internship in small animal medicine, surgery and critical /emergency care. Dr. Bulman-Fleming crossed the border back to the West Coast and joined Veterinary Cancer Group as a medical oncology resident in August 2008. She completed the three-year program in early August 2011. Dr. Bulman-Fleming had fulfilled the requirements of the board certification one month earlier by passing her examination with the ACVIM and as such was awarded diplomate status in medical oncology. Her areas of interest include client education, palliative care and the role of the immune system in cancer development and treatment. Julie's personal interests are rock climbing, mountain biking, snow boarding and travel.

Avenelle Turner, DVM
Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology)

As of March 2020, Dr. Turner has left Veterinary Cancer Group for new endeavors. We wish her well in all things in the future.

David Bommarito, DVM, MS
Diplomate ACVR (Radiation Oncology)
Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology)

Dr. David Bommarito joined the Veterinary Cancer Group team holding the rare distinction of being double-boarded. He is both a medical oncologist and a radiation oncologist. His addition gave our Tustin location also brought the distinction of being the only full-time, on-site Veterinary Radiation Oncologist in Orange County. 

Dr. Bommarito grew up in Southern California and attended UC Berkeley for his undergraduate education. He graduated from Berkeley in 2001 and began his veterinary education at UC Davis. He earned his doctorate in veterinary medicine in 2005 and was subsequently accepted into a one year internship at Cornell University. In 2006, Dr. Bommarito began his radiation oncology residency training at the University of Missouri and in 2008 he became board certified with the American College of Veterinary Radiology in radiation oncology. He continued his education at the University of Missouri with a three year medical oncology residency and masters degree program, which was completed in 2011. While in Missouri, Dr. Bommarito had a hobby farm and enjoyed working with his goats, chickens, cows and horse. Dr. Bommarito is happy to have returned to his hometown, and now resides in Southern California with his family.

Susie Kang, DVM
Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology)

Dr. Susie Kang is a Medical Oncologist at Veterinary Cancer Group, who cares for patients in both our South Bay and Orange County locations. Dr. Kang graduated from the University of California Davis with degrees in Animal Science (B.S.) and Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.). Following veterinary school, Dr. Kang headed east, first to complete a rotating small animal internship at Purdue University in Indiana, then on to Cornell University in upstate New York for her medical oncology residency. She was awarded board certification in oncology with the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in November 2015.

As a specialist, Dr. Kang is focused on treating all types of cancer. Her main interests include sarcomas, mast cell tumors, lymphomas, as well as palliative care for her patients. Additionally, Dr. Kang is an active member in numerous veterinary organizations and fluently speaks Korean in addition to English. Born and raised in Fullerton, CA, Dr. Kang brought her snowshoes and heavy winter coats back to Los Angeles where she resides with her dog Merlin and gray tabby cat Dimitri. In her free time, she is an avid runner and is always training for the next half-marathon. She enjoys visiting the Disney parks in Anaheim and Orlando as well as a relaxing afternoon at the beach.

For our Korean speaking clients: Dr. 강 수 지 는 Fullerton, CA 에 서 태 어 나 UC Davis 에 서 Animal Science 를 전 공 하 고, 미 국 최 고 의 수 의 대 인 UC Davis 수의 대 를
졸 업 한 후, Purdue University, IN 에 서 인 턴 을 거 쳐, Cornell University, NY 에 서 암 전 문 의 과 정을 마 치 고, 남 가 주 로 돌아 와
전 문 의 자 격 증 을 가 진 암 전 문 의 로 Veterinary Cancer Group 에 서 진 료를 시 작 하 였 습 니다.
Dr. 강 은 한 국 어 를 잘 하는 남 가 주 유 일 의 암 전 문 의 입 니 다.
수, 목 요 일 은 Torrance Office 에 서, 금, 토 요 일 은 Tustin Office 에 서 한국 어 와 영 어 로 친 절 히 도 와 드 리 고 있 습 니 다.

Valerie Wiles, DVM
Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology)

Dr. Valerie Wiles recently joined Veterinary Cancer Group, and works at our Woodland Hills office. A native of Southern California, Dr. Wiles graduated from the University of California Davis with degrees in Animal Science & Management (B.S.) and Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M). She completed a rotating internship at the nearby VCA Sacramento Veterinary Referral Center where she developed her passion for oncology. Dr. Wiles then traveled to the East Coast where she completed an internship and residency in medical oncology at the Animal Medical Center in New York City. Dr. Wiles became board certified in oncology with the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in December 2015.

Dr. Valerie Wiles believes strongly in maintaining good quality of life for her patients. She currently resides in Encino with her yellow lab Dustin, cats Chloe & Blue and horse Pico. In her free time, she enjoys competing with her horse in hunter/jumper competitions, spending time with her family, walking on the beach and exploring Southern California. Dr. Wiles is the president of Southern California Veterinary Medical Association's San Fernando Valley Chapter and coordinates monthly educational meetings for local veterinarians.

Elizabeth Schuh, DVM 
Practice Limited to Oncology

Dr. Elizabeth Schuh is a California native who grew up in the San Luis Obispo area before moving north to attend the University of California, Davis for both her undergraduate (2006) and veterinary degrees (2012). Dr. Schuh completed a rotating internship in small animal medicine and surgery at the University of Illinois (2013) and an oncology internship at Veterinary Specialty Hospital of San Diego (2014). She is exceptionally proud of her time leading the veterinary clinical trials team at The Ohio State University in cutting edge research (2015-2016) and completing her residency in medical oncology here at Veterinary Cancer Group (2016-2019). She anticipates board certification in the summer of 2020.

Dr. Schuh is thrilled to continue her time at Veterinary Cancer Group and divides her time between Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. Her professional interests include the human animal bond, small molecular inhibitors/targeted therapies and advancing the veterinary profession through clinical trials and translational medicine. When she is not at work, she is a food and wine enthusiast and is Corgi obsessed.

Vincent Baldanza, VMD
Practice Limited to Oncology

Dr. Vincent Baldanza completed his undergrad work at University of Delaware, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, where he graduated first in his class of 3536 students. Dr. Baldanza obtained his degree in veterinary medicine from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine in 2013, graduating magna cum laude. He went on to complete a small animal internship with the University of Minnesota, Veterinary Medical Center.

Dr. Baldanza sharpened his cancer fighting tools while completing a residency in veterinary medical oncology at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. He passed his certifying examination with the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in July 2017 and will be board-certified in oncology as soon as his peer-review paper is published. Dr. Baldanza's calm demeanor & love for animals make him easy to communicate with. He is available full time, Wednesday through Saturday, at our South Bay location.

Jennifer Hauss, DVM
Resident, Medical Oncology 

Biography Coming Soon

Holistic Veterinarians / Complementary Medicine.

JoAnn M. Boyer, DVM, CVA, AVCA
(acupuncture, chiropractic)

A specialist in alternative veterinary therapies, Dr. Boyer is the driving force behind Veterinary Cancer Group's innovative holistic medicine offerings, including herbal medicine, animal chiropractics and acupuncture. After graduating from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, she completed her internship in the South Bay area. There Dr. Boyer practiced small animal general medicine and surgery before completing her training with the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society and her certification through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. In her free time she enjoys running, agility training with her dogs and attending flea markets.

Patrick Mahaney, VMD, CVA
(acupuncture, holistic supplements)

Dr. Patrick Mahaney joined Veterinary Cancer Group, Los Angeles in December 2010. A University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine alumni, Dr. Mahaney then went on to become certified in Veterinary Acupuncture. His experience combining traditional veterinary practice with Eastern wisdom and treatment modalities over the years made him a natural fit for many of Veterinary Cancer Group's patients. Pets afflicted with cancer often benefit from holistic supplements to help strengthen their systems, and acupuncture has been a staple for patients dealing with any discomfort or other conditions that may develop as diseases progress. Dr. Mahaney strongly believes that many canine and feline ailments can be better managed by incorporating both Western and Eastern treatments. In addition to caring for our cancer patients, Dr. Mahaney is available at our Culver City office for patients needing acupuncture for non-cancer related ailments. Dr. Mahaney resides in West Hollywood and enjoys canyon hiking and running on the beach.