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Innovative Technology with Heart.

Gone are the days when pets with cancer were considered untreatable. Hope and a plan of action have replaced the fear and helplessness families once felt after their pet was diagnosed with cancer. Every day oncologists are developing new ways to effectively treat increasing numbers and varieties of pet cancers. At Veterinary Cancer Group we are leading the way toward a better quality of life, for more patients.

Extensively trained in the specialized diagnosis and treatment of cancer, our veterinary oncologists provide the highest level of care for every cancer patient who comes through our doors. We offer patients and families a wide range of treatment options. When surgery alone is not enough, we develop customized plans that combine multiple treatments including the latest chemotherapy protocols, radiation therapy, immune system support, and cutting-edge innovations.  The goal is to attack the disease and add quality time to your pet's life.

Targeted Radiation Therapy.

For tumors that cannot be surgically removed or for tumors that are likely to return, radiation therapy provides a viable treatment alternative. Radiation targets a tumor or specific site and kills rapidly growing cancer cells. Treatment typically lasts three to four weeks and is most successful when the location and type of cancer is within easy reach of radiation and/or is limited to one or two sites.
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Supervised Onsite Chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy may be recommended when cancer has spread, or is likely to. In this type of therapy, patients are administered drugs at the highest tolerated dose. The combination of drugs is designed to kill cancer cells that cannot repair themselves as effectively as normal cells. At Veterinary Cancer Group, all chemotherapy treatments are conducted in our office under careful supervision of a trained specialist.  While undergoing treatment, 85% of dogs and 95% of cats do not experience side effects as humans do.

Advanced Equipment.

Knowledgeable in the most advanced medical techniques and treatments for veterinary oncology, Veterinary Cancer Group provides cutting-edge care using the most technologically advanced equipment including Ultrasound, CT Scan with Lap Laser, Linear Accelerator with Electron Capabilities, and 3D Computerized Radiation Therapy Planning.
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Clinical Trials: Tomorrow's Treatments, Today.

Veterinary Cancer Group is the only certified practice in the Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, and Orange County regions to be part of the Animal Clinical Investigation's network of approved sites for clinical trials. Our participation in clinical trials helps develop novel therapies for cancer patients.  Our reputation for precise data collection and our high caseload make Veterinary Cancer Group a valuable participant in institution- and university-sponsored clinical trials. For more information on clinical trials, please visit Animal Cancer Foundation and Canine Cancer Campaign or the list on the site.


At Veterinary Cancer Group, we believe strongly that a carefully developed diet not only helps our patients in their fight with cancer, but also provides the nutrients essential for recovery. A nutritional diet tuned to our patients' specific needs is another tool - along with surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or other active intervention - that can return your pet to health. For more information about nutritional diets, please ask your doctor.


Used in Chinese veterinary practice for at least 3,000 years, acupuncture provides Veterinary Cancer Group another tool to effectively treat your pet.
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Grief Support.

We understand how difficult it is to learn that your pet has cancer. The good news is that you don't have to go through this experience alone. We strive to take the fear out of the diagnosis of cancer by providing our patients' families with an empathetic, compassionate and nurturing environment filled with the hope of a better quality of life.
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